Tijdlijn Halleh Ghorashi

Tijdlijn Halleh Ghorashi

TEDxTalk, The Changed - Conditions of Critical Thinking

Why is power so often only discussed in terms of positions of force and suppression? Through engaging examples, Halleh Ghorashi illustrates the power of narratives and images. Halleh Ghorashi is Professor of Diversity and Integration at the VU University Amsterdam. She has published extensively on topics such as identity, cultural diversity, and emancipation with a particular focus on the narratives of identity, (forced) migration and belonging.

The Refugee Academy

Started in 2016, the Refugee Academy is an initiative of Halleh Ghorashi & Elena Ponzoni that aims to build a bridge between science and society around refugee issues by contributing to improving the social conditions for sustainable integration and inclusion of refugees.

The Refugee Academy strives to achieve this by creating new and closer connections as a platform between social initiatives, policy, scientific research and the perspectives of refugees themselves. This is based on the conviction that a combination of an inclusive approach with long-term capacity sharing is necessary to achieve real impact.

The Refugee Academy is currently funded with a small funding from the university. The award of the Brouwer Prize for Science and Society to this initiative means on the one hand recognition for the work done, and on the other hand the opportunity to further expand the activities of the Refugee Academy.