Master Sociology at the VU university.

The Master Sociology is one of the Master’s programmes of the Faculty of Social Sciences. Halleh Ghorashi is lecturer of the English course Social Continuity and Change within this programme.

Master Culture Organization and Management (COM) at the VU University Amsterdam

The Master in Culture, Organization and Management (COM)
is one of the courses offered by the Faculty of Social Sciences of the VU University. This Master course fills the knowledge gap with respect to the cultural dimension of management and organizations and provides the necessary skills to research and describe this dimension. It mainly concerns the link between organizational-political and cultural processes, which do not only take place within the formal structure, or the ‘system’, of the organization, but also extend to the largely informal networks within and between organizations.

Halleh Ghorashi is lecturer of the course Culture and Identity in Organizations at COM. The aim of the course is the development of insight in identity related processes of (in)equality and in- and exclusion in organizational life. This course provides students with the analytical instruments to analyze and assess ‘what is going on’ in organizational settings in which identity and diversity, as reflections of societal developments, prevent people from full participation. It encompasses such issues as ethnicity, gender and age, as well as issues related to positions, power and politics. The course reviews the historical evolution of the “management of diversity”, current policies and new developments and perspectives. Specific attention is paid to contextualizing aspects of “sense-making” in organizational life: time-space relations, the importance of organizational language and the relevance or irrelevance of the network society.

Masterclass Management of Diversity (2007 and 2008)

In 2007 and 2008 Halleh Ghorashi has held the successful Masterclass Management of Diversity. This masterclass brought together as participants professionals working in various Dutch organizations interested in the issue of diversity and refugees residing in the Netherlands participating to the refugee empowerment project ‘Van Binnen naar Buiten’. The main goal of the masterclass was to obtain new insights on the issue of diversity in general, and specifically within organizations, by stimulating an exchange of perspectives that would help to connect seemingly disparate groups: (native) Dutch professionals and refugees in the Netherlands. The master class provided participants with a more in-depth understanding of diversity in organizations, stimulating them to create more space for agency in relation to the dominant processes of exclusion in organizations.

The Benefits of Summer Course at VU University (2011)

Prof. dr. Halleh Ghorahi talks about the benefits of Summer Course