Management of Diversity in New Netherlands

In our world in which cultural diversity has become part and parcel of our daily experiences we are often dealing with rather contradictory processes. On the one hand there is a need for more and more culturally sensitive policies and cultural recognition in different fields such as art, education and journalism. On the other hand we are dealing with a growing culturalist approach to migration in the West. The tendency is that culture is becoming the core factor explaining all the problems of a society. This omnipresence of culture in explaining societal problems has made us somewhat allergic to and cautious of the concept of culture. We are often too easily defined as cultural beings, yet we want to have the liberty to choose our own culture. Furthermore, it seems that this hyper-culturalism does not have anything to do with cultural sensitivity. It is rather the easiest way to define and label the problems as cultural. In this process cultures are often seen as homogeneous and mutually exclusive. So the challenging question of this chair will be: Why is it important to be culturally sensitive in this culturalist world and how can this cultural sensitivity be created while at the same time avoiding culturalism? The central focus of this chair will be on the positioning of the migrants (in particular migrant women) within the European context, starting with the Dutch society. Through ethnographic research, this chair attempts to contribute to gaining insights in the processes of inclusion and exclusion inside and outside the (labour) organizations. The research attempts to stimulate a shift of mindset from a culturalist towards a culturally sensitive approach. In this process, both the national and transnational lines of connection are of interest.

Onderzoeksrapporten – Research reports

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